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1. Members of Sanskruthi are entitled to use this facility of posting their products for sale on the website provided they pay the Registration fee of Rs.500, for which they can upload 3 Photographs in any category of Craft Supplies/ Products / Classes. Additional photographs will be uploaded on payment of additional fees.

2. To avail this facility, the Vendors must sign an agreement on a hard copy of the terms and conditions, given as a .pdf file, and send it to the Association along with their identity proof, i.e. Aadhar card copy to the Regd. Address of the Association. The payment to avail this facility can be made in the website Payment Gateway itself.

3. On receipt of the agreement, it is at the discretion of the Association Committee members to approve or disapprove the eligibility of the member to avail this facility and it is not to be challenged by the Member.

4. The following conditions apply for a Member to become a Vendor in this website

  • a. The Member should be a Resident of India and age above 18 years.
  • b. The member can be Male/ female/ third gender
  • c. The member should not be known to have made fraudulent business transactions in the past.
  • d. The members should have a valid Bank Account in their own names to which the amount will be credited. If the Bank Account holder’s name is different from the Member’s name, such cases will not be entertained.
  • e. The members are not allowed to sell products which are not made by them, in other words reselling is not allowed on this website.
  • f. The members will have to authenticate that the Products/ Classes are their own creations and if proven otherwise, the Association is at discretion to remove such posts and also remove such persons from being a Vendor, as well as from being a member of the Association.
  • g. If a Vendor’s product receives complaint from the customers, a Discredit mark will be added for such members. 3 such Discredit marks will lead to such persons lose their membership of the Association, their Vendor privilege and the posts will be removed from the website.
  • h. Vendors who wish to post in the category of Craft Supplies will have to quote the price for their products, along with product photos, which will be verified by the Association Committee and approved there upon. The Association is at discretion to decide about the category, necessity and pricing of the same and the decision is to be abided by, and obliged upon by the member.
  • i. If the pricing mentioned by the Vendor is inappropriate/ too high/ too low compared to the prevalent market rates for similar pieces, the Association can disapprove of such requisitions.
  • j. No two posts will be uploaded for the same type of product, each product in this website is different and unique, therefore, members wishing to post their products on the website have to ensure that their product is an original version and not a Duplicate of someone else’s creation.
  • k. The photos uploaded in this website is purely on First Come First Serve basis only, and no complaints from any member of the Association that the products displayed in this website is their creation which has been duplicated by someone else and likewise will be entertained.
  • l. This Website has been implemented with an intention of creation a marketing platform, mainly for ladies/ destitutes/ housewives/ third gender members to market their handmade products, which can be made in the comfort zone of their houses, and at the same time, become economically independent.
  • m. Vendors who are found to be misusing this Website in any way, that he/ she acts against the interest of the Association or behaves in a manner prejudicial to the dignity of the Association, will be removed from being a Vendor, lose their membership of the Association, and their posts in the website will be deleted.
  • n. Any member who is in arrears of Subscription fee for more than 3 months from its due date shall cease to be a member of the Association and automatically cease to be a Vendor in this Website, and their posts will be deleted. In such cases, the person should again become a member by paying the stipulated membership fees and also the Registration charges for the usage of the Website facility. Renewal of Membership in such cases is not possible.
  • o. The Executive Committee will scrutinize all the membership Applications and Vendor proposals and admission to Membership/ Vendorship is subject to scrutiny and approval of the Executive Committee.
  • p. The Executive Committee shall admit/reject any applications for membership without assigning any reasons.
  • q. The Vendors, having become the members of the Association have to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Association and contribute to the development of the Association.
  • r. The Vendors, having become the members of the Association have the rights to enjoy the privileges offered by the Association to its members.
  • s. The Vendors can participate in the Exhibition/ sales promotional events organized by the Association.
  • t. In the case that the Vendor/ Member is not able to take orders for a stipulated time period or in the future, they are required to send a written request to the Association to make necessary changes in their posts, failing which, if a customer places an order for their product and they are not able to make it, it will be considered as a discredit mark to you as a Vendor. 3 such discredit marks will lead to the Removal of Membership/ Vendorship and subsequent removal of posts.
  • 5. The photographs sent for uploading in this Website, should include a Description, Price, Quantity Available, Despatch Period and other details. The pricing should include your packing charges, your cost price, labor charges, your profit and service charges for the Association, which will be Deducted from your quoted price.

    6. The Association will be deducting 12% from the price mentioned, in the event of a sale and the amount after deduction will be credited to your bank account.

    7. Each product is assigned a unique Product Code, which will include your membership number. It is therefore essential for you to remember your membership number when it is intimated.

    8. The processing of the Orders will be as follows.

    • a. Once an order has been successfully placed by a customer, and payment for the same is fully made by the customer, the Vendor will be notified in Whatsapp / Email which ever has been chosen by the Vendor about the details (Product code, No of Pieces ordered for, Order number, Customer Address). Please remember the product Codes allotted to your products as we will not be sending the product pictures to you on receipt of an order.
    • b. Members will have the stipulated time mentioned in their posts to dispatch the items to the Customer. ( it is therefore advised to the Vendors to give a safe working period to work on your orders, before you give a DESPATCH TIME details while posting in this Website.
    • c. If the order cannot be completed by you, due to unforeseen circumstances, it has to be notified to the Association as a Whatsapp message to 8925301810, within 24 hours of receiving the order, so that the amount will be refunded in full to the customer.
    • d. If the order is not received by the customer within 15 days, the order can be cancelled by the customer and the Association will not be responsible for the amount the member has invested to make the ordered product
    • e. Sanskruthi Doll Makers And Crafters Association stands guarantee for the Product that you are selling. It becomes your duty toward the Association that you dispatch the orders received with proper packaging, so that the product reaches the Customer safely and also ensure that the product delivered is the same as the product published in the website.
    • f. If there is a change in the consignment sent and the product ordered for, and the customer books a complaint,
      • The Association scrutinizes the complaint regarding the product quality, size, and nature of complaint.
      • If the Vendor is found to have sent an inappropriate product, which includes the color of the materials used, size, quality of the materials used, product not made to perfection, as compared to the product photograph uploaded in the website, a Return/ Refund Process is initiated, and the Customer will get a refund of the product price.
      • The Vendor gets a Discredit mark to his/her account and 3 such Discredit marks will lead to such persons lose their membership of the Association, their Vendor privilege and the posts will be removed from the website.
      • The courier charges will be levied from the Vendor to ship the returned product to the Vendor.
    • g. Vendors will have to send the product to the Customer under the Bill of Sanskruthi Doll Makers And Crafters Association, mentioning the Product Code, Order number, Tax Details, Address and other Details as given to you at the time of receipt of the Order Details. h. Any product which is sent without the bill of SDMCA by the Vendor, will not be eligible for Return/ Refund policy. If the Order is placed through the website, and the Vendor fails to bill it in the name of the Association, such Vendors will be considered to be acting against the Rules & Regulations of the Association, will prove to disrespect the values of the Association and such Members/ Vendors will strictly be removed from Membership/ Vendorship of the Association. Similarly if a Vendor is found to raise a bill in the name of the Association and the order process has not been initiated through the Website, such persons will also be considered to be acting against the Rules & Regulations of the Association, will prove to disrespect the values of the Association and such Members/ Vendors will strictly be removed from Membership/ Vendorship of the Association.
    • i. Vendors will have to send the photo of the Courier Bill to the Association upon dispatch of the product to the Customer, and the Vendors will receive the payment for the same to their Bank Account within 10 working days from the Date of Despatch (DOD)
    • j. Payment to the Vendors will be done only on two days of the week, Mondays and Thursdays only, and the Association will not be responsible for non receipt of the payment due to unforeseen circumstances like Bank holidays/ Banker’s strike/ bandh etc, on the stipulated days.
    • k. The payment will be credited to the Vendor’s Bank Account, after deducting the GST Tax amount, which will be levied from the Customer and paid to the Government as GST and the Service charges for the Association, i.e. 12% of the Product Amount
    • l. All Communications are to be made only through e-mail or Whatsapp to 8925301810. Any clarifications/ requests/ suggestions/ complaints/ declarations in verbal form will not be entertained, nor will it be considered in case of any disputes arising out of the matter. Any communication made to the personal phone of the Association Committee Members will also not be considered as a communication to the Association.