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1., an e-commerce initiative by Sanskruthi Doll Makers And Crafters Association, aims at creating a marketing platform for all artists and craftsmen, who specialize in making exclusive handmade products.

2. All products in the website are handmade products and no 2 handmade products can exactly be the same. It is to be noted that there will be a 10 % variation from the product ordered and the product received, though utmost care is taken to see that all products are made as per the product description and the product photo.

3. Since the color composition & resolution of each device varies, Sanskruthi does not guarantee the accuracy of the colors of the products displayed in the website.

4. is a website created to bring out the talents and skills of ladies- mainly, who wish to be creative and earn at the same time. An initiative for women empowerment, to help many women entrepreneurs to sell their products, and open up new avenues to them in their business.

5. An Association formed to encourage the talents and Skills of women entrepreneurs and housewives, as well as to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India, Sanskruthi aims to help many people find a market for their product through this website, where the Buyers/ Takers purchase directly from the Makers.

6. Every product bought on this website is giving confidence and encouragement to a member of the Association and the Association is thankful for that.

7. Products sold once will not be exchanged/ accepted in return by the Association.

8. Please read the Cancellation Policy and Refund/ Return Policy given in this website before use, the terms and Conditions for the same are only applicable when the product received is different from the product ordered and not in any other case. The Association is at discretion to process and approve any claims made with regards to any Refund/ Returns initiated by the customer.

9. Any communication to the Association is to be made only through email at or Whatsapp number 8925301810.

10. The classes conducted by the Members, mentioned on this Website will be as per the schedules given and the request for specific dates have to be given as a email to the Association

11. In case that the classes cannot be attended by the User on the stipulated date and time, you can choose to postpone the same to another date. The amount paid for the classes will not be refunded under any circumstances.

12. If a Vendor is not able to process your product order due to unforeseen circumstances, the full amount will be refunded to your bank account within 72 hours on receiving the order, without any deductions. It will be considered as a Cancellation of the Order.