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About Us

About us“ SANSKRUTHI DOLL MAKERS AND CRAFTERS ASSOCIATION” Sanskruthi Doll Makers and Crafters Association, is a nonprofit organization with members from different states of India, established for the development and promotion of various kinds of doll making in particular and all kinds of crafts in general. We work towards the empowerment of women, by teaching them the art of doll making and other crafts, thereby giving them an opportunity to make and sell these handcrafted products.

1. Objects

  • a) To work for the empowerment of women- rural and urban women, third gender and upliftment, encouragement and appreciation, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
  • b) To conduct workshops in schools, villages and other NGO’s so as to spread the awareness and knowledge about doll making and other crafts.
  • c) To assist destitute women, physically challenged, widows, third gender and underprivileged association members to set up a business and earn their livelihood by giving them training in crafts.
  • d) To undertake developmental activities independently by the members of the association or with other organization having similar interests.
  • e) To organize exhibitions and sales, to promote and appreciate the talents and skills of the group members.
  • f) To organize meetings, seminars and workshops for the promotion of the aims and objectives of the association.
  • g) To assist the members of the association to procure the raw materials required to make dolls and other crafts.
  • h) To felicitate the experts in the field of doll making in particular and other crafts in general.
  • i) To organize social, religious, cultural and educational activity programs from time to time.
  • j) To tie up with other business enterprises involved in teaching crafts, to the benefit of the association members.
  • k) To make correspondence in lawful manner to carry out the aims and objectives of the association.
  • l) To arrange for sponsors who can aid financially to organize events such as exhibitions and workshops.
  • m) To issue certificates of participation for the members and non-members who attend the workshops.
  • n) To assist the members of the association in procuring loans from the banks and cooperative societies. To set up cottage industries whose produce is related to doll making and other crafts.
  • o) To print and publish materials related to doll making and other crafts for the benefit of the members and non- members and sell them
  • p) To print brochures, tickets, pamphlets, banners and booklets to advertise and spread awareness about the events organized by the association.
  • q) To promote aid and undertake programs in handicrafts and doll making to provide a means of self employment for the members only.
  • r) To perform any other activity that is allied to crafts and doll making.
  • s) To perform any other activity or correspondence that will help the association in its betterment and growth or in the interest of the association. members.
  • a. The Association is a non-political and non-profit motive Organization established for the development of Women and promoting social welfare activities.
  • b. The activities of the Association will be confined within the territory of Indian Union.
  • c. The benefits so derived if any, will be passed on to the public in general without any caste, creed, religion, color or Gender.
  • a. To raise adequate funds by way of Subscription, Donations, grants, allocations of the stalls during an event, sale of materials published by the society, subscription of booklets published by the association and loans procured to carry out on its own accounts or jointly with individuals or institutions or with statutory bodies within the country or from abroad for the aforesaid objects of the Association and such other objects as amended altered or added to from time to time.
  • b) The funds of the association may be used for philanthropic or charitable activities.
  • c) To utilize the funds of the association in a manner, that is acceptable to the members of the association.